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Benefits of Telehealth Therapy

One good thing that the pandemic has brought is an expansion of access to therapy through telehealth. Therapy via telehealth involves connecting with your therapist by video chat or phone call in order to receive therapy.

I know, I know. Telehealth is kinda weird at first and not everyone loves it. But let’s take a minute to recognize the benefits of this advancing technology.

Telehealth can go just about anywhere:

Here on Hatteras Island, we know how hard it is to get to a therapist or other healthcare provider. This is equally true for people who live in rural areas throughout North Carolina. Who wants to drive an hour and a half to do therapy for 50 minutes? With telehealth, you can see your therapist in your own home.

Telehealth is flexible:

Telehealth eliminates travel time, making it much easier to fit an appointment into your busy schedule. You can see a provider on your lunch break without having to take time off of work. Kids down for a nap? That’s a great time to chat with your therapist for some extra support!

Telehealth is more affordable:

Quality care has value and is not cheap, especially if you don't have health insurance. When you use telehealth, you can avoid the added costs of travel, childcare, and taking time off work to get to sessions. Every little bit helps!

Telehealth is quality care:

Some people may argue that therapy via telehealth is not as good as in person. Honestly, I get it. There is something irreplaceable about being with another human during difficult moments. However. Telehealth is still quality therapy. When you do a therapy session with me online, you are still accessing the benefits of my extensive training, education, and knowledge. You are still getting valuable support to help you face life’s challenges.

Ready to give it a try?? Please reach out to me if I can help you with figuring life out and growing into your potential.

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